Continuous improvement and cross-functional integration are the recurring themes of a ten year career in aerospace (–with a few year in automotive to start). Today, I’m putting that experience to work helping to develop manufacturing affordability strategies for a major aerospace company.
In past roles, I’ve engaged suppliers, the factory, and engineering to understand quality problems and develop meaningful solutions. During my time with GE Aircraft Engines, I worked in the Rotating Part Center of Excellence in Production Design (ie Liaisson), Design, and Value Process Engineering roles, and as a factory Quality Leader, viewing the product from every point in the value stream. I’m energized by finding creative, win-win solutions that improve quality, reduce cost, and create value for our customers. I’m a continuous improvement fanatic, always looking for books, articles, and conversations about how people can work together to find better ways to work.

The Purpose of an organization is the pursuit of excellence to serve its customers.
Operational Excellence is continuous improvement of an organization’s:
People, through training, teamwork, and involvement
Products, by understanding what the customer values and responding quickly to changing needs
Processes, by eliminating waste and solving the root causes of problems.
The continuous improvement of Profit is the inevitable result of successfully improving these three.


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